Case Studies

Community Consultation

A key component of meaningful engagement is removing barriers by creating personalised, culturally appropriate communication channels.

How Frankly
Supported Auckand Council on Te Whau Pathway?

Using FranklyAI to communicate with your community can help you gather new insights and perspectives with a richer understanding of the community’s needs. These types of consultations can strengthen the community support for the project or policy and reduce the delay and costs involved in traditional consultation.

In partnership with Beca and Social Pinpoint, Frankly spoke with Aucklanders in both English and Mandarin, informing them of proposed changes to the Te Whau Pathway and gathering feedback and sentiment.

The consultation ran via Frankly/Social Pinpoint hybrid site (550 visits–with Frankly collecting 70% of feedback) and a traditional online survey (90 submissions). 

Apart from traffic, the difference in demographics captured by Frankly was obvious. While two-thirds of survey respondents identified as NZ European, only a quarter of Frankly users did, and over a third were Chinese. Age was another distinction, with the bulk of survey respondents aged 35 and older, whereas three-quarters of Frankly’s respondents were under 45.

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Working with the University of Auckland, FranklyAI has supported them to better engage with their diverse communities by offering the ability for students to get information and ask questions in Gagana Sāmoa, te reo Māori, and Mandarin in a culturally appropriate way.



Frankly has many applications in health, from staff wellbeing to supporting communities to engage with the health system. In this example, Frankly is used as a virtual tour guide to help people that come to the hospital by acquainting them with the hospital, their room, and the surgery room before they arrive, making their journey a lot better