Case Studies


A key component of improving equity in Education is looking for better ways to engage students for whom the current and traditional communication methods don’t work.

How Frankly
Supports the University of Auckland?

FranklyAI is working with The University of Auckland (UoA) to develop multilingual and multicultural equivalents of their student services virtual assistant (English) in Te Reo Māori, Gagana Sāmoa and Mandarin. The team is developing multiple AI skills to complement existing assistants and cater for a wider range of the University of Auckland community through multilingual capabilities. The non-English conversations will engage with the user in a culturally appropriate way, while maintaining the same capability as the existing English assistants. 


There are important concepts in Te Reo Māori and other indigenous languages that do not have direct English translations. Engaging in native dialects allows speakers to engage confidently, be heard and improve their experience navigating lots of university specific information.


As a public institution, UoA is required to provide accessible resources in Te Reo Māori; as well as actively promote and incorporate te reo and tikanga Māori through all of their activity. UoA and FranklyAI’s partnership has enabled these goals to become reality.


The UoA experiences 3,500 conversations/month of which 11% are now non-English

“The launch of our Frankly was such a GREAT moment! Only possible because we’re such a great team. Thank you everyone at FranklyAI for the joy and energy you’ve brought to this mahi. RESPECT!”

—– Matt Poole, Strategic Programme Mananger – University of Auckland



Working with Auckland Council and Tauranga City Council, Frankly has been deployed to support engagement with communities. By integrating with current tools, we offer users different options to engage in different languages to reach people that wouldn’t typically have engaged with traditional methods.



Frankly has many applications in health, from staff wellbeing to supporting communities to engage with the health system. In this example, Frankly is used as a virtual tour guide to help people that come to the hospital by acquainting them with the hospital, their room, and the surgery room before they arrive, making their journey a lot better.