Case Studies

Health Equity

A key component of improving health equity is looking for better ways to engage people for whom the current and traditional communication methods don’t work.

How can

Using FranklyAI to communicate with your community can help plug the gaps in your patient’s healthcare journey. The whole journey needs to be considered to provide strong health services, from pre to post and in-between appointment support.

One application for Frankly is to support patients navigating medical facilities and hospitals. We know from our research that there is a gap in supporting patients and their whānau when visiting medical facilities such as hospitals. 

The video below is an example of how Frankly can be used in this instance as a virtual tour guide to help people acquaint themselves with the hospital, their room, the surgery room before they arrive, making their journey a lot better.



Working with the University of Auckland, FranklyAI has supported them to better engage with their diverse communities by offering the ability for students to get information and ask questions in Gagana Sāmoa, te reo Māori, and Mandarin in a culturally appropriate way.



Working with Auckland Council and Tauranga City Council, Frankly has been deployed to support engagement with communities. By integrating with current tools, we offer users different options to engage in different languages to reach people that wouldn’t typically have engaged with traditional methods.