Engage your clients and community in a deeper, more meaningful and more inclusive way than any other option available.

With Frankly, each person matters

no voice is left behind.

Our powerful AI, Frankly, has a conversation with your community, gathering opinions and feedback.

Frankly analyzes your results in real-time, populating your dashboards with easy-to-read infographics.

Allowing you to use these insights to make better decisions.



Removing the barriers to engagement to reach a wider community.



Embracing and including all kinds of diversity, whether cultural, language, financial or simply a scarcity of time.



Capturing every word and every sentence to build a more honest, more authentic picture.


Rich Data

Processing live data with qualitative insights, reaching the customers, communities and employees that you really care about.



Connecting with communities in dozens of languages using an approachable, accessible conversational style.



Our natural language processing AI (artificial intelligence) can read and digest qualitative feedback, identifying key trends and responding in real-time.

Frankly offers integrations with Facebook, Whatsapp, Teams, Twilio

Set up:

Step 1

Create your account and set up a trial on our customer portal. 

Choose the Frankly module that offers the insights you are after.

Activate your campaign.


Step 2

Make the Frankly conversation agent available on your website. Visitors will be able to engage if and when they like by clicking on the agent and engaging in a rich conversation.

You can also share the link with your staff internally or post it to social media so your communities can contribute.

Step 3

Frankly captures and analyses conversations as they come in and adds them to the dashboard. This allows you to capture rich feedback on the topics that matter to your community through qualitative, quantitative and emotion-based infographics. 

Step 4

The rich data in your dashboard will enable your organisation to gather all the information and feedback you need to make informed decisions based on all voices, even those often left behind.

Here is what a Frankly conversation could look like:

We developed Frankly to speak various languages in response to the need for diversity, equity and representation in hearing the opinion of your communities.

All our modules offer an English and te reo Māori conversation option and other languages can be requested.

Frankly is bilingual, recognising te reo Māori as an official language of Aotearoa, and the importance of Te Ao Māori.

Apart from English and te reo Māori, Frankly speaks various indigenous languages such as Gagana Sāmoa and Mandarin, respecting the cultural nuances for each.

“Infinitely better than what we have at the moment for capturing and processing qualitative responses – Frankly will ask ‘why?’ which is where we get the richer insight” 

—– Peter King Automobile Association (AA)