Frankly, I need to engage with other
Indigenous Language speakers

Amplifying the voices of Indigenous communities

Meaningful engagement requires us to rethink how we consult with the different groups in our community. We need to provide channels where diverse voices are heard on issues that matter to them and allow their aspirations, insights and knowledge to shape their communities.

FranklyAl is a digital tool for removing traditional barriers through creating personalised, culturally appropriate communication in the community's native language.

Frankly in Torres Strait Creole

Co-designed with the Torres Strait Island community members, the tool is designed to be easy to use and culturally sensitive regardless of dialect or where they come from. Frankly 'thinks' and operates entirely in Torres Strait Creole. As with many other indigenous languages, Torres Strait Creole is an oral language that has not been formalised, resulting in no standardised spelling. However, the context was easily recognised due to the nature of the conversation and care put into the language training.

Torres Strait Islander students were not as comfortable talking to me in English, but when I start talking Creole, they are much more open and speak much more freely. I'd expect that this type of technology would have a similar effect.

Fumiko Nelio

First Peoples, Australian Catholic University

A new AI agent gives voice to a Samoan community

An AI-powered agent named Tala may open the door on a new way of measuring sentiment and getting feedback from New Zealand’s ethnic communities.

How to teach a chatbot speak Samoan

NZ-based engineering consulting firm Beca looks to natural language processing to improve community engagement.

Everyone's voice should be heard.

How utilising FranklyAI allows you to reach indigenous populations and listen more to our native communities.

The innovation of the Talanoa Chatbot as a platform to pass cultural, community-related information is uniquely creative and successful in its delivery.

Olive Tone

Advisory Visiting Teacher, English as an Additional Language/Dialect

Talanoa Project

The Talanga Project focused on developing a public consultation conversational agent tailored to Sāmoan and the wider Sāmoan community. This agent, named Tala, features full support for conversations in the Sāmoan language through the use of real-time language translation. This allows clients to continue developing Tala in English, while end users can fluently converse with the agent in Sāmoan.

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