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Wednesday, August 23rd, 11 am NZTE

Wednesday, August 23rd, 12pm CET

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2 pm ET​


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In this live and interactive Webinar, Matt Ensor, CEO of FranklyAI will demonstrate how to bring Generative AI Automation to your organization.

Matt will highlight the importance of confidential, secure access to generative AI, the importance of integration with Microsoft Teams, and how through FranklyAI it is possible to bring the following use cases (and more!) to your team:

  • Rewriting text to match your organization’s brand & style guide
  • Examining and improving your personal brand in resumes and documents
  • Automating training program development
  • Guardrailing use cases
  • Agent-led interviewing
  • and more…..


Unlock Tomorrow’s Opportunities TODAY! Attend our Generative AI focused webinar and seize the tech edge.


The live webinar will be hosted by Matt Ensor, CEO of FranklyAI and Chair of the AI Forum’s working group on Large Language Models.

Don’t miss out on the tech advantage – embrace GPT while it shapes the landscape!

You can follow and connect with Matt on his LinkedIn.

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