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Our starter package includes:

  • Event feedback Conversation Module in Te Reo Māori & English
  • Access to real-time insights through a customised dashboard
  • Helpdesk & technical support all the way
  • Webpage to host Frankly (with your branding) or option to host on your website

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Interested but need something a bit more tailored?

We also offer custom-built conversations designed to suit the specific needs of you and your community.

Whether you need an interactive experience, a solution with multiple languages or you'd like to connect to your communities using different tools - we have solutions we'd love to share with you.

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Conversation Modules - coming soon...

Customer Satisfaction

Gather feedback from your customers to provide a better service or experience.

Consumer Insights

Understand your customers to better position your product or service to meet their needs.

Project Management

Improve your projects based on insights from your team, capturing and reflecting on what worked and what didn’t.

Change Management

Manage changes and product roll outs more effectively.

Event Feedback

Find out how your event or conference went so you can keep providing worthwhile, valuable and memorable experiences.


Hear from your communities on changes to strategy, proposals or upcoming projects.

Frankly is an active listener, listening to all opinions, not just the loudest. Matt Ensor Founder of Frankly AI

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