Frankly is...

a high-governance privacy-first solution for bringing generative AI into organizations.

FranklyAI is a key technology for Microsoft Teams that is in use by organisations worldwide.

We created Frankly to fulfill organizational needs for a secure method for employees to utilize pre-approved Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, without relying on browser-based solutions or the need for multiple accounts.

‘FranklyAI is very different from CoPilot, and it complements that technology.  While CoPilot will search and index your corporate information, FranklyAI only has access to files or chats that staff speicifically attach.  This is important for organisations that work in the public sector or highly regulated markets.’

– Matt Ensor, Founder of FranklyAI

Our Values:

Pākiki | Curiosity

Mana | Equity

Hihiri | Agility

Houtupu | Authenticity


Matt Ensor

CEO & Founder

Our partners:

Proud member of: NZtech, and AI forum