Frankly is... This is Maori

a forever curious listener, always available to chat and ready to ask the right questions.

Frankly provides a powerful platform for gathering and interpreting masses of raw data in the form of community opinions and feedback. It then works to quickly compile and display the results through the unbiased lens of AI (artificial intelligence).

We developed Frankly in response to the need for diversity, equity and representation in hearing the opinion of carefully chosen communities, capturing rich insights to support decision making processes.

‘Even with online methods, we kept hearing from the same people and we weren’t hearing from the true diversity of the community. Our mission statement ‘no voice left behind’ really reflects the fact that things are moving – things are changing and we need to hear from all parts of the community. The role of Frankly is to remove the barriers to engagement, whether they’re cultural, language, financial or just not having enough time’.

– Matt Ensor, Founder of FranklyAI

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Matt Ensor

CEO & Founder

Lana Simmons-Donaldson

Pouwhakahaere Reo Māori

Maggie Koussa

Digital Solutions Consultant

Sam Fielden

Commercial Director

Joseph Tan

Head of Technology

Barbara Cooke

UX Manager

Scott Caddick

Head of Operations