We offer a range of training and coaching to suit you and your budget.
All are led by Matt Ensor, CEO & Founder of FranklyAI.

Choose from the following options:


Entering the world of GenAI (60 minutes)


Mastering the world of GenAI (Bespoke)


Exploring the world of GenAI (Half day)


Executive / Board Coaching (Bespoke)


Unlocking the world of GenAI (Full day)



Our introductory course, “Entering the World of GenAI”, is perfect for those just starting to explore this exciting technology. In this 60-minute session, you will gain a comprehensive overview of the GenAI landscape and discover how easily you can begin incorporating GenAI into your work once equipped with the right knowledge.

For those seeking a more immersive experience without delving into the intricate details, our half-day course, “Exploring the World of GenAI”, provides the perfect balance. This course is tailored for professionals who need a solid foundation in GenAI to enhance their effectiveness in their roles.

For individuals ready to take their GenAI skills to the next level, our full-day course, “Unlocking the World of GenAI”, is the ideal choice. By the end of this intensive session, you will have acquired a level of proficiency in GenAI that sets you apart from your peers in New Zealand. This course is designed to help boost your career prospects and enable you to drive innovation within your organization.



Microsoft COPilot
done well

FranklyAI is part of the Beca Group of companies, who have been early adopters of Microsoft CoPilot for Office 365.

Through our systematic rollout and staff engagement of the use of Copilot for Office 365, we have built up world leading understanding and experience of what it takes to get good uptake and results from what can be a significant investment.

We can offer these insights to you in a packaged or bespoke arrangement. 


organizational risk from ai use

We offer specific services developing a organizational risk bow-tie for AI use in your organisation. 

If you are concerned about getting on top of the risk from introducing AI into your organization, we have an AI Risk specialist on our team who we’d love to introduce to you.

Matt Ensor

Matt personally leads the training, updating it weekly to give you the best access to fast changing GenAI capabilities.

If you need training that is specific to your skills and market area, we can discuss potentially creating a tailored solution. 

Matt is a leader in GenAI, and has been presenting on the field since the early versions of GPT-3 in 2021.

He is known for his engaging style, knowledge of the latest GenAI, and a commitment to training and helping organizations get started with Gen AI.

Matt travels to present in person for the best interactive experience, and is known for delivering the actual takeaways you need to get started.

Matt Ensor


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Our training courses are designed to efficiently convey GenAI’s key knowledge, with detailed outcomes and clear pricing outlined in the downloadable content. A few hours of engagement could unlock GenAI for your career.