Embracing Generative AI in New Zealand’s Public Sector: A Balanced Approach by FranklyAI

Author: Maggie Koussa, Digital Solutions Consultant at FranklyAI


FranklyAI, a leading innovator in the AI landscape, is dedicated to exploring the vast opportunities that AI offers while maintaining a solid commitment to ethical practices and societal impact. As technologies evolve, so does our responsibility to use them wisely. That’s why the recent guidance released by the New Zealand Government on the use of Generative AI (GenAI) within the Public Service has resonated with our team.

This guidance presents an essential roadmap to navigate the complex landscape of GenAI, encapsulated in 10 “Do’s” that align with the aspirations of our great nation. At FranklyAI, we have diligently woven these principles into the fabric of our practice and products. Here’s how:

Robustly Govern the Use of GenAI:

Our comprehensive AI strategy and policy extend beyond mere compliance, fostering awareness and education to prevent potential harm.

Assess and Manage Privacy Risks:

Our secure access to Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT comes with additional guardrails to minimise risks. Moreover, we do not provide data to the LLM modules for training, giving a high level of privacy.

Assess and Control for Security Risks:

Akin to privacy, our secure access protocols provide additional layers of security to make sure your data remains safe.

Consider Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi):

We strongly emphasise respecting cultural heritage and diversity and actively engaging with local communities to honour their values.

Use AI Ethically and Ensure Accuracy:

Transparency is key. Our AI advises when the information provided is AI-generated, empowering users to exercise judgment where appropriate.

Be Transparent, Including to the Public:

Transparency is not a mere buzzword for us. We openly share our data collection and usage practices and offer multiple levels of data security and privacy to cater to various needs.

The NZ Government’s guidance outlines a clear and practical path to harness the benefits of GenAI within our shores and aligns with broader global trends and best practices.

At FranklyAI, our approach is both pragmatic and responsible. We see the possibilities in GenAI but also recognise the challenges and the nuanced complexities of working within this ever-evolving field. Through successful collaboration with clients and communities, we have witnessed the positive impacts of responsible innovation firsthand.

Our commitment is to our clients, community, and the ethical principles guiding us. We are excited about the technological advancements, but we also understand that real success comes from responsible innovation, close collaboration, and a focus on delivering practical solutions that make a difference.

FranklyAI is here to navigate the path with you in a landscape filled with opportunities and uncertainties. Interested in learning more? Contact us today, and let’s explore together how we can leverage the benefits of AI, keeping a steady hand on the wheel and our eyes firmly on the road ahead.


Click here to read the guidance from the New Zealand Government. 

GenAI guidance for the public service — Summary (PDF 215 KB)

GenAI guidance for the public service — Full guidance (PDF 156 KB)