Revolutionizing Surveys with ChatGPT and FranklyAI®: The Future of Online Engagement

Author: Matt Ensor, CEO and Founder of FranklyAI

In 2020, I founded FranklyAI® with the goal of revolutionizing the way online surveys are conducted. The traditional format of text box forms and tickboxes can be tedious and unengaging for participants, which is why we developed a natural conversational agent that is multilingual, multicultural, and interactive.

Last year, we integrated GPT-3 technology into FranklyAI, taking our conversational capabilities to new heights. One of the biggest obstacles we faced was overcoming the negative perception of chatbots. Many people have had bad experiences with chatbots in the past, but when they tried Frankly, they were amazed at how advanced AI technology has become.

Thanks to the recent buzz around GPT-3 and other natural language processing (NLP) technologies, people are beginning to realize the potential of conversational AI. At FranklyAI, we believe that NLP will become one of the most powerful technologies, allowing for personalized communication at a massive scale – which is important for hearing all voices.

To achieve this, we’ve found that the best technology solution is to blend rules-based AI (IBM Watson) with large language models (GPT-3). This approach allows for structure in the conversation while also providing the flexibility to address any unexpected topics that may arise. GPT-3’s latest algorithm, Davinci3, has also greatly improved its ability to avoid offensive or inappropriate statements.

At FranklyAI, we take our responsibility very seriously. That’s why we’ve implemented a built-in approval process for all responses generated by GPT-3, ensuring that any statements that could potentially cause brand damage are filtered out.

The rise of advanced tools like ChatGPT has made it possible for anyone to create a conversational agent that can communicate intelligently. But creating a conversational agent is just the first step. The real value comes from being able to understand the user’s intent and turn that information into actionable insights. That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary platform that can automatically process and organize information from conversations into a user-friendly dashboard. The future of online engagement is conversational, and FranklyAI is at the forefront of this movement. We’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with conversational AI and revolutionize the way online surveys are conducted.

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